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Volunteers from JISU Offer Help at the 4th Snow Expo and the 23rd Changchun Ice and Snow Festival
Dec 19, 2019 10:12 AM   School Communist Youth League 审核人:

From December 13th to 17th, with the theme of “Winter Olympics in Beijing and Experience in Jilin”, the 4th Snow Expo and the 23rd Changchun Ice and Snow Festival were held in the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. Under the guide of Li Mingli, Vice Secretary of the Youth League, fifty volunteers of JISU completed voluntary services, with time totalizing more than 2,500 hours, which were calculated by the sponsors.

A volunteer at work

During the Snow Expo, our volunteers offered various kinds of services, including interpretation and translation, on-site order management, exhibition guidance, distribution of publicity materials,  etc. They put their professional knowledge into practical experience. Apart from fulfilling tasks related to the fair, they provided visitors with explanations and instructions, and received great appreciation from both exhibitors and citizens.

Volunteers said that they had improved their communication skills, learned about various ice and snow cultures in different countries and regions, gained more knowledge of the Winter Olympics and expanded their sight through the voluntary experience.

A volunteer was introducing the exhibition areas.

In the report, Li Shuaiyuan, a Business English major in Class 1904, said, “It’s a pleasure for me to participate in voluntary service. These 5 days, I was amazed at the rapid development of creative cultural products, and learned about the great influence of cultural sector on economic development. This activity enriched my voluntary experience, and brought me lots of benefits.”

Li Yao, an English-French major in Class 1901 in School of Western Languages, said: “I have gained a lot [through] this activity. I learned about the exhibits from all over the country and felt the enthusiasm of all the exhibitors. Although the process is a bit arduous, these experiences taught me a rigorous and cautious work attitude and a spirit of never giving up. I believe it is a good start for my volunteer experience in this university, which empowers me [to be] more enthusiastic towards the following volunteer activities.”

A photo of all volunteers

Lu Bingqian, an English-French major in Class 1901, commented: “The Expo covers thirty-six museums, which really adds a lot of highlights to the event. When I helped and instructed others in my position, I knew some cultural and creative backgrounds of plenty of museums. And I felt the charm of Chinese culture. What satisfies me is that I can study and improve myself during the event.”

Kong Fanchen, a Russian major in Class 1903, said: “The experience made me deeply feel the sense of glory and duty in assisting Jilin’s provincial Ice and Snow Cultural development. I will continue to improve my professional skills and service level, transmit the spirit of benevolence and “bridge spirit” of JISU to show Jilin youth’s competence. ”

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